Drop In

All women are welcome in our drop-in area that is safe and welcoming  place to stop by, have a snack and chat with other women in the community. Tea and hot coffee is always available. The Drop-In area offers a free community phone and computers.

Staff can also help those looking for information or support. We can link people with different resources at IWAM or throughout Winnipeg.

Women can sign up for a IWAM  group, read a newspaper or a magazine, check housing lists, get information about programs and services offered by other agencies and government organizations, search for a job in our database with update job postings.

Counselling Program           

IWAM provide culturally sensitive therapeutic counselling and follows strict confidentiality procedures in regards to our counselling participants. All counselling services are open to all immigrant and refugee women above the age of 18.  IWAM counsellor encourages women to set their own goals and provides support through the process of achieving those goals.

Women who would like to use our counselling services can call or drop in. Women can self-refer, women can be mandated by court, or women can be referred by other agencies and organizations.

Through Counselling Program IWAM offers

  • Basic Needs ( Assist in filling out housing application, referal to food bank)
  • Community Support such as  going with you to appointments, meetings
  • Therapeutic group on topic like domestic violence, self-esteem,  challenges & choices.
  • Cultural Parenting Program

Wellness  Program

IWAM offers wellness workshops to connect women with similar experiences to one another, a safe place to share and learn about each other’s cultures. The purpuse of this program is to improve all aspect of self including body, mind, emotions and spirit. The program topic may include but not limited to:

  • Multiculturalism Expo
  • Healing trauma through dance
  • Understanding the  System
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Employment information session