Membership at IWAM  is free

Join us in empowering immigrant ,refugee women and supporting  families  through difficult times.

Strengthening families and develop a stronger, healthy community!

We offer free of charge membership to all persons who support the vision, mission and values of the Organization. Anyone interested in becoming a member of IWAM should contact us and fill in a registration form. The information in the registration form is kept confidential.

Active members can be any female adults who complete the membership application and is approved for admission by the Board. Such members are entitled to all privileges of the membership: making motions, nominations, voting at the AGM; using the services of the IWAM; and participating in activities held at or by the IWAM. Each active member has one vote at the annual general meeting.

Associate members can be men, or organizations. They have all the privileges of membership except those of making motions and nominations, and voting.